Healing Series (JAN – FEB 2022)

[Completed. Please reference online classes for the latest offering.]

Online classes

For everyone! Classes are held with a group of students to explore the benefits of practice together. Variations of the exercises are introduced based on the individual’s needs. Students can focus on the proper alignment of each exercise and experience the holistic benefits from it. More variations of the exercises are gradually introduced following the principles of the Stretch Therapy system. Check out the Stretch Therapy Boston Online Class Open House video (30 minutes) for an orientation of what to expect in the class, what to prepare, and a lying meditation.

We will kick off 2022 with the Healing Series from Stretch Therapy! We will cover both Overcome Neck Pain and Overcome Back Pain courses in parallel. These two courses were newly released last year with the updated/new materials. We will explore various topics in the Stretch Therapy system, plus additional aspects. Come with an open and curious mind. Let’s continue practicing the techniques to help us move with grace and ease.


  • Tuesday (at 5:30pm EST, 60 min/class): February 1, February 8, February 15, February 22
  • Thursday (at 5:30pm EST, 60 min/class): February 3, February 10, February 17, February 24

Sign-up: We are using Zoom as our online platform. Please click the date above to sign up for the specific class. The sign-in information will be sent to you via email after the registration. The registration process is as simple as providing your name and an email address. That’s it! Your email address will be added automatically to the mailing list of communicating important updates automatically. To unsubscribe, just email Stretch Therapy Boston directly.

Prepare for the class:

  • A space that you can focus on yourself, and stretch!
  • A soft surface, either on a rug or laying out a Yoga mat on the floor.
  • Dress comfortably so you can move freely.

Special preparation (updated every Monday): in addition to the typical props, you are recommended to have a notebook near you and capture the sensations from each exercise.

  • 2/22 (Tuesday): chair (theme: Overcome Neck Pain)
  • 2/24 (Thursday): bolster, wall (theme: Overcome Back Pain)

Class etiquette:

  • Join in at least 5-10 min before the class starts. Say hello to others if you are new to the class! (Zoom will be started at least 10 min before the class starts.)
  • You may click Gallery View, click … on the upper right corner on the teacher’s video, and select Pin Video to keep the teacher’s cam on the main screen for your reference.
  • Leave your webcam and audio on as long as it is not disrupting others. Try to adjust the cam so the teacher can see the whole you as much as possible.


  • $15 per class. Pay via Venmo (@Justin-Chien-4), Apple Pay (978-549-1865), or PayPal (justin.chien@gmail,com, using Friend/Family as the Payment Type).
  • One flat rate for the whole household. Invite folks in the same household to join in!
  • EMT, police, fireman, soldier, and unemployed individuals are free (please email Justin Chien as a courtesy heads up), or pay what you are comfortable with.

After the class: A summary of the exercises from each class will be posted on Stretch Therapy Boston Facebook. Please ask questions in the corresponding post so others can be benefit from your questions. Please Like the Facebook page to receive the notification.

Video on demand: To encourage a continuous practice, you may check out the video from the class in the previous week if you miss a class. After the class, the above sign-up link for a class will be updated as a video on demand link for it (refresh the website to get the updated link). You can register to view it. It is typically shown as the Gallery view. Please follow the same process for the payment with the same rate as the in-person class. Note: the video is only available for one week.

Got questions? Email Stretch Therapy Boston.

Bonus: check out our 2021 end-of-year reflection video.