“Justin and Stretch Therapy have opened my eyes to a new world of physical and mental training. Having been a trainer for 6+ years specializing in mobility/corrective exercise; Stretch Therapy has given me a fresh perspective in taking care of myself and clients alike. Stretch Therapy is extremely interesting because it includes similar aspects of yoga in the sense of relaxation, reflection, and mindfulness. However, this class is unique as it takes on a more personal experience in a group setting. A routine isn’t necessarily planned and executed like a typical yoga class, our meetings are centered and adjusted specifically around the needs of its students. Justin’s experience, knowledge, and passion speak for themselves. He has a natural ability in recognizing imbalances of poor body mechanics/posture. Class involves deep stretch/activation/relaxation techniques that “re-wire“ or correct myofascial lines. This creates smoother, less restricted movement resulting in greater muscle/joint efficiency, mobility, and longevity. Justin is a skillful instructor who gives 100% to his students. He gives us the tools necessary to better understand and perform with our body’s. From a fitness enthusiast to a desk jockey, class gives participants the challenge of pushing their physical and mental limits by “playing” and exploring movement. Highly recommend to anyone of any fitness level, will enhance quality of life!” – Ricky (Personal Trainer) 

“My Stretch Therapy journey started with an invitation from a friend who was so persistent that I finally gave in just to shut him up. 🙂. Little did I know that this would be the best journey both physically and mentally that I would be on.
As a regular yoga practice, I felt I could cruise through the sessions with ease until that first class under Justin’s instructions where he began to share the technique of getting into each pose. It’s not just a matter of getting into the position, so I learned to slow down and take note of how I felt with every move.
Almost 4 years later, I have learned to breathe and RELAX under pressure and the best part is that it has helped with my yoga practice. I no longer just go through the flow…..I breathe, relax and pay attention to how I feel when finally in a pose.
I urge anyone who hasn’t practiced to try it once.
Thanks again Justin for your patience, the passion you bring to class and your sense of humour helps distract us when under tension.– Wambui

“Even though I have been doing yoga and Pilates for almost 20 years, I didn’t really learn how to stretch or relax under tension until I started working with Justin and using the ST system. In addition, I have explored much of the resources available from ST, but it is so helpful to have it further and explained to me by Justin. He is a master teacher in my opinion, and an extremely generous person.” – Adley




“Finding Stretch Therapy was a great stroke of luck. I had been searching for some time for a way to further improve my mobility beyond the yoga, exercise and massage I was already doing. I was not interested in stretch studios (too expensive, staff with limited experience). I was looking for an instructor-led, group class which, like yoga or Pilates, would follow a structured approach specifically focused on stretching. This seemed like an impossible goal until a magazine article led me to Justin.
My wife and I have been part of Stretch Therapy Boston now for over two years. Twice a week, Justin delivers a well-planned hour-long class, drawing from the Stretch Therapy “canon” as well as his background as a yoga instructor. Classes over Zoom have been almost as effective as the pre-Covid in-person class. Justin thoroughly explains and demonstrates each stretch, monitors everyone via video, and provides feedback to help us do the stretches correctly.
Justin’s goals extend beyond the benefits of stretching. He wants to give us an understanding of why these stretches work so we can use them correctly and effectively. And he wants to help us build a regular practice to improve mobility.
There is really nothing else like these classes out there and we have benefited greatly from working with Justin.” – Jeff and Marilyn 

“Stretch therapy is a routine I’ve stuck with consistently the past 3 years since I see results for both my mind and body. I have noticed I feel less aches and pains and am more focused and observant both in the practice and other parts of life. I especially enjoy exercises for feet and fingers as those get a lot of use in my work on computers and my hobby of pinball.” – Erin




“I practice Stretch Therapy because it makes me feel good. In the beginning I just wanted to become more flexible. I had no idea the key to flexibility is relaxation. Now I release tension in my body as the antidote to the stressors of daily life. I’m happier, healthier and more flexible due to the ability to relax at will.” – Walter






“I’ve always been very active, but I’ve also always known that the most common way to work out was never going to be for me. I’ve long sought more educated, targeted approaches. I’ve thrown my hat into many different rings: cross fit, running, biking, varied yoga practices, basic barbell lifting, etc. I’ve certainly learned some things from each method, in particular kettlebells, basic lifting, and yoga. But nothing has inspired me more than Stretch Therapy. I’m seeing and feeling immediate results, I’m incorporating it into my daily routines, and I’m learning important principles that transfer to other areas of fitness.”  – Austin (Marketing)


“Justin has a passion for stretch therapy which is translated in his teachings and makes for a fun learning environment. I find myself practicing his teachings wherever I get a chance after only a month of taking lessons with him. The benefits of the lessons are immediate as I can feel the difference in my overall health which complements my weight lifting. An example is a knot I had on my right shoulder over a year which was cleared in the first class and I was hooked! I will continue to “relax” as I push further. Can’t wait for the split which Justin believes I am pretty close to!” – Margaret (IT Consultant) 
“I have been going to Stretch Therapy Boston for just a few weeks now and I have noticed a difference in my ability to move with less stiffness in my daily life.  One area that is getting easier for me is learning to relax in the stretch.  When I relax and stop trying to get it perfect, then stretch is incredible.” – Mary (Business System Analyst)



“Justin has deep knowledge of yoga and stretching. Justin adapts his teaching to fit the student needs. Justin not only teaches the student how to stretch, he also physically applies tension or compression to the student to increase the effectiveness of certain stretches. Justin does care about each student making real progress. He uses his vast knowledge of stretching plus attention to the specific needs of the student to help the student advance according to his or her goals. Stretching by yourself is good. Stretching with Justin is so much better. He teaches you how to stretch the right way and will assist you to reach new levels you cannot reach alone. Thank you, Justin. You know about stretching, you care about the student, you are a fine teacher. “Stay relaxed under tension” -Justin Chien” – Andres (Software Engineer)


“I have been a yoga student of Justin for slightly more than two years now. Having done a lot of work with weights over the years, I knew that I had lost a lot of muscle stretch and flexibility in my joints. I am also a professional organist, an instrument that is by nature, an ergonomic nightmare to practice! Since practicing yoga, I have noticed a marked return to body freedom and flexibility, and also a calming and peacefulness of mind! Justin’s very gentle, kind, and encouraging nature bring real joy and excitement to the challenge and discipline of yoga practice, and the added bonus is that after yoga class, it is my best night’s sleep of the week! Thanks, Justin!” –  Craig

“I would highly recommend anyone to participate in Justin’s yoga class. He caters to all abilities and disabilities, as well as a wide range of ages. He is always available with helpful suggestions catering to each individual’s level of comfort and strength. Do yourself a favor and try a class!” – Marylou

“I love Yoga because it is hard and it makes me feel healthier. When I come home from Yoga I feel like I have done something positive for my body.  I like doing poses that make me stretch.  I try to bring the stretching to every day life. When I weed or wash the floor on my hands and knees I try and reach and stretch and it makes me feel like I am doing something beneficial.  I love Justin.  He is very supportive; and, no matter if there are 6 or 26 people in the class, he manages to give everyone the individual help they need.” – Ann

“After a lot of encouragement from my wife and daughter I decided to give Justin’s yoga class a try. I was skeptical because I really did not understand yoga. After the first class I was immediately hooked and have been a regular for about 2 years now. One of my objectives was to reduce my lower back pain and that objective has been met due to increased strength and flexibility. One of the nice surprises about yoga is that it is a total body workout, and more physically demanding than one might suspect. And unlike many yoga videos, Justin takes you through each pose slowly, so you hold your body weight in different postures which helps you build strength quickly. The physical workout and meditation sessions combine for a great overall workout. I highly recommend Justin’s class to anyone looking for a good physical workout combined with mental relaxation.” – Dennis

“I’ve taken yoga with Justin for 2+ years. I feel my strength and flexibility have improved over this time. I continue to get alot from our weekly classes as Justin brings new elements into the sessions, always in a constructive and encouraging manner. I recommend that Justin’s approach makes yoga very accessible to those who want to give it a try.” – Sharon

“Justin’s class gives me just the right mix of strengthening, stretching, balancing and relaxing. He personalizes each posture so you can attain a comfortable level of achievement yet push yourself to the next level. And he brings a cheerful and calm attitude that makes the class a great way to start the week.”Janice

“Justin’s Yoga classes at Ridgefield are some of the best I’ve attended. Justin combines strength and flexibility in his class postures which lends challenge if we need it, yet at the same time benefiting us with gentle stretching where we need it the most. At the end of our practice, he leads us into the relaxation/meditative session which is a perfect ending to class and helps to calm our minds and center our spirit, readying us for our hectic week ahead.” – Debbie

“I was very pleased with my first class; my back was out of alignment & I was worried I’d have to make another chiropractic appointment.  However, to my great surprise, my back went back into alignment with one of the stretches. Needless to say, I was absolutely delighted & look forward to ongoing help with a neck & back that has seen several car accidents & a horse related injury too. Thank you soooo much!” – Elaine

“Our Yoga class with Justin is the highlight of my week. He is the living embodiment of peace and calm. His instruction is positive and encouraging.” – Kathleen

“Justin’s Yoga class is perfect for me, I like the slow progress through the postures, not a jerk and lift style with some other instructors. Justin challenges me, and compliments my abilities. I recommend Justin to my friends. He has a great teaching style.” – Nancy



Working hard at the Stretch Therapy Intensive training in London, 2017. 



Farewell: 12 Years of Monday Night Yoga at Ridgefield in Clinton, Massachusetts

“I had never tried yoga before your class. You showed me that yoga could be useful and fun. I learned a lot of poses, but what I really learned about yoga from you was how to enjoy it. Thanks so much and wish much good luck in all your new endeavors!” – Joel

“I have attended your class off and on for the past eight years. Many of my family members have attended as well. Your class was not just about yoga, but about a group getting together to make each other feel great about themselves – both physically and emotionally. I always loved your stories about your life and travel. And I loved how you also taught us to make yoga part of our everyday life. “Shoulders back and down”. It was also my best night’s sleep of the week. Good luck with everything and I hope to see you from time to time in a workshop or something!” – Joanne 

“Dear Justin, I feel blessed to have met you and had you as a Yoga instructor for the past 5 years. I was always amazed that no matter if there were 6 people in the class or 26 people in the class, you consistently gave each and every one of us the individual attention we needed for each pose. The very detailed instructions, descriptions and benefits of each pose were invaluable. You are always kind, patient and so very encouraging. I will miss you up to the sky! Thank You for all that you have meant to me. Hugs.” – Ann

“I can’t begin to thank you for such a wonderful introduction to yoga. I never thought I would participate in yoga and couldn’t have imagined how much I would enjoy it. You are a truly gifted teacher which makes me extremely fortunate to have had you as my first teacher. I will never forget your calm presence and interesting stories to start the class. I feel so lucky to know you and will never forget you or my time in your yoga class. Thank you so much for everything. I am very sad to see you leave. You will be greatly missed!” – Marie

“You ran a great program and I learned so much from you. When I do yoga in classes now I remember to do all those fine tune adjustments my poses. I also enjoyed the stories and philosophy. Your program was very unique and enjoyable I wish you well in all that is ahead of you and thank you so much for all you give.” – Donna

“Thanks Justin for all your efforts. Monday Night Yoga at Ridgefield was always a great way to start off my week on a positive note. I will miss your friendliness, support, and peace. Namaste”. – Martha 

“Justin, so glad to have found you and this wonderful class on Monday night, filled with fun and friendly folks! Thank you for your patient, kind, gentle and encouraging way… It is an honor to call you a friend. Wishing all the very best for the future, and I hope we always remain in touch… Namaste, my friend!” – Craig